Find My Classic Car

Welcome, we assume that you are here to try to trace at least some of the history of a classic car, maybe one that you have just bought or maybe one that you owned some years ago.

At the moment, the site is new and so there will be very little information available. If you are willing, please go to the forum and either ask for information about a specific classic car or leave some information for others to find.

The forum is separated into the different marques, perhaps in time we will have forums for individual types of classic car.

In order to preserve the privacy of yourself and others, use a pseudonym and do not give out any personal contact details unless you are happy for them to be in the public domain.

What is a Classic Car?


This is a tough question to answer. For insurance purposes, it is generally speaking a car which is at least 15 years old (or 20 or 25 depending on the company). In everyday terms, most people tend to use the term for a car that is a good number of years old and usually out of production. Like the insurance companies’ definitions, there are no hard and fast rules about what makes a classic car. Maybe it is age? Maybe it is the image associated with it? Even nostalgia? Or could it just be a car that leaves a lasting impression on everyone (hmm … that would mean regarding the Austin Allegro as a classic I suppose).

Or perhaps it is just a ‘cult’ thing – the MG midget for example was the sports car status symbol to have in the mid sixties and has become a classic car for that reason. At least thinking of the definition in those terms would exclude the Allegro …

There is plenty of debate (click here for Google search results) but generally, most people know a classic car when you see one.

But does it really matter in the end? Do we really need to compartmentalise cars in such a way? Why not just enjoy these vehicles with all of their ups and downs. Feel free to leave your comments in the forum.

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